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Merits Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is used by a lot of companies all over the globe. Today there are very many companies, from all sectors, meaning that you have to be better than your competitors to survive and one way of being better is by taking advantage of email marketing. If you are unfamiliar with this term, you may fail to understand why so many businesses today are quick to adopt it as part of their marketing strategy. This article seeks to educate the reader on some of the advantages of email marketing.

The first advantage of using email marketing is that it is cheaper than the conventional mainstream marketing channels. You do not have to incur print, postage or exposure expenses when using email marketing. This is not to say that email marketing is free of charge, but when you look at all the overhead costs, you will still find that it is cheaper than most other marketing channels.

Secondly, email marketing has one of the highest conversion rates. This is because emails are only sent to an already engaged audience. Emails are specifically sent to people who have registered to receive them and since they register on their own will, they have better chances of purchasing a product that is being advertised.
Email marketing goes an extra mile by allowing the marketing department to send emails only to individuals who meet certain criteria. if you have an offer running in a particular area, you will be able to let only those in that specific area know about the offer.

Improved sales are another reason why many companies today are going for email marketing as opposed to mainstream strategies. This can be mainly attributed to impulse buying. This is because customers can make a purchase at the click of a button. This is not possible when using channels such as radios and television, which is why a lot of companies are moving towards this trend.

You can easily get started on email marketing. You do not have to spend a lot on coming up with logos and images since the most important thing here is content.

A lot of companies also adopt email marketing because it allows customers to act as brand ambassadors as they forward these emails to their family and friends. You therefore get to make sales from customers you do not directly market yourself to. Email marketing is also easily measured. This allows a company to improve on areas that could be affecting its conversion rates.

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